After being a mum, most mummies are always busy and can hardly afford to take time out from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives to keep their kids company. At Qiren Organisation, we created an opportunity to make time for a family bonding session between mummies and their kids. For the first time ever, Qiren Organisation celebrated Mother’s Day through Mother’s Day Bash 2017 with all the lovely mummies present on 13th of May 2017. To make it a memorable event as part of our family initiative, we had complimentary grooming activities such as manicure and makeover session to make mummies look their best on this day! We also do our utmost to ensure the well-being of this special lady on such an extraordinary day. Mum & Child Yoga Session helps to promote vitality and overall wellness in the lives of contemporary mums. Other heartwarming activities that include Coffee with Mum, Mother & Child Lookalike Contest, 3D card making as well as Secret Booth were also held! Both Coffee with Mum and 3D Card Making make the perfect opportunity for children to express their love and gratitude towards mummies. Secret Booth is an activity which is meant as a pleasant surprise for mummy. We arranged her hubby and kid(s) awaiting at our Secret Booth while we were recording a thank you video for her. All the heartfelt videos were screened on our projectors to surprise the mummies. While they were watching, we gave each kid a carnation flower to present to his/her mummy! Our bear mascot, ‘Heart’ also made its special appearance on Mother’s Day Bash 2017 and we were glad to see that the little ones were so excited to make friends with it. Our event was a huge success made possible by your warm support! We are honoured to have played a part in family bonding for your loved ones and you. We look forward to more meaningful moments such as this in the future!