On the 3 rd of May 2017, we have witnessed the Grand Opening of Qiren Organisation’s new office as it was officially unveiled at 9 Tampines Grande. It has been a breathtaking journey leading to this day with the establishment of countless milestones. This sleek and innovative office is an unprecedented achievement which marks another breakthrough of Qiren Organisation. With the determined aim to put people’s welfare as its utmost priority, Qiren Organisation has inculcated a comprehensive range of amenities within its new office. The 28,000 sq ft office has its very own in-house theatrette, gym, library, kids’ room as well as its cafeteria, ‘Early Grey Café’. With an exhibition of amenities, Qiren Organisation’s Grand Opening is further enhanced by exciting activities such as Cocktail party, Lion Dance, Buffet, Health Checks, Reading Class for kids held by MindChamps and other classes such as Habits of Mind and IQEQ by Flying Cape. The Organisation has also taken the chance during the ceremony to introduce its own in-house production of docudrama through screening of snippets on its 138-inch LED TV. The Opening Ceremony was honoured by the presence of numerous VIPs including Mr Patrick Teow (Chief Executive Officer, AIA), Mr Wong Sze Keed (Chief Agency Officer, AIA), Mr Gabriel Tan (Financial Services Director, AIA), etc. Qiren Organisation would like to thank all its VIPs for being part of the celebration, making its Grand Opening a successful and fulfilling one.

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