Our History

Since 2013, we have seen the birth of a young and progressive team at Qiren Organisation.

The Organisation started off in AIA Singapore with a humble team of 15 dedicated individuals. Over time, it has become one of the fastest-growing agencies in Singapore with exceeding 200 Financial Services Consultants and appointed managers. Today, Qiren Organisation is proud to be an authorised representative of AIA Singapore.

Every organisation needs strong leadership in order for it to build a solid foundation.

With outstanding leaders, 30% of the consultants within Qiren Organisation have received the Million Dollar Round Table Awards today! This unprecedented achievement in just 3 years is absolutely groundbreaking for an agency.

Our Brand Values

Our hard work each day is motivated by the ability to secure the welfare of people.

We are dedicated to help people with respect, kindness and appreciation. This is our definition of dedication and it is further made possible by team spirit. Our business has been built around people and we believe that every individual is a contribution to our cause. However, with each step, our values pertaining to our brand has not changed. Upholding integrity and honesty is a prerequisite in shaping our dreams.



Our goal has always been to maximise our reach out to people with financial planning needs. We have created a brand that strives for excellence and we hope to help more individuals in the long run. Further down the road, we would like to be more involved in creating an ideal platform for education that would empower and help our client’s children in achieving their maximum potential. Our Organisation also goes beyond solving our client’s financial needs to bring about overall wellness through the focus in health and fitness. Family bonding is also greatly valued that would bring people closer together to their loved ones. Through genuinely caring for people, we bring them endless rewards and fulfilment that would benefit them for a lifetime.